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John & Peter (The Twins)


A CLAIM TO FAME - WE WERE ON THE BACK OF A BUS! (well 2 buses actually)

It was back in 2013 that we were contacted by First Bus Glasgow to have us agree to doing some publicity for the new branding of our local services to Glasgow from Balloch and Helensburgh with brand new buses and new running numbers, namely  1, 1A and 1B under the branding name of The ONE.

It was quite an experience for us both having professional photographs taken, interviews and then finally the day when we went to First’s Scotstoun Bus Depot in Glasgow to see the brand new buses with US on the back of two of them.

The new buses were then sent to the Dumbarton Bus Depot where the service operates from. Once they went on the road in normal service it was amazing how many people recognised us. Some got quite a shock when driving in their car to suddenly see us there on the back of the bus in front of them.

We were on the buses for just over two years. There aren’t many people who can say that they were on the back of a bus. It was an unusual experience and is just another edition to the great tapestry of life for us both.


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